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How We Help

Each of our Members has their own goals and needs. The Milford Miami Township Chamber of Commerce offers a wide array of benefits to meet these needs. Below are just a few testimonials showing how we can help any type and size of business.

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Day Heights Memorial
Fireman’s Association

“In our first eight months as a member of the Milford Miami Township Chamber of Commerce, we have already received introductions and referrals to dozens of local businesses interested in our services. We hosted a Combined Morning Mixer for about 70 people, and just from that event, we are working on several event rentals. We were also a Finalist for the Advocacy Award in the Milford Miami Township Chamber’s annual Business and Community Awards, which brought us recognition and prestige among a business sector in which we had had little previous exposure.”   Ron Brooks, President

“The MMT Chamber has provided a wonderful support system for LMBC during our first two years in business. They did a ribbon cutting for us just recently, which was very well-attended and got lots of attention on social media. The staff and board members are great customers, visiting us often and referring us whenever appropriate.”   Dan Lynch, Co-Founder/CEO

“We have received so many opportunities through the Milford Miami Township Chamber. They feature us at several events each year, plus their website, social media, and newsletter provide ways we can reach members and also the general public. We use the member system to promote member discounts and specials directly to fellow MMTCC members. Our membership is well worth what we pay for these valuable services.” – Dustin McDaniels, Catering Manager

“We have been thrilled with the opportunities the Milford Miami Township Chamber has provided us to get out in front of the community. The events we have sponsored have been high-quality and draw tens of thousands of people from around the area – people who are our target market and who are engaged with the events. In addition to having our name promoted extensively at the events, we’ve received great print and television publicity from these sponsorships. Definitely a great investment for our firm.”   Charles Rogers, Attorney

“The Chamber promotes my business in a wide variety of ways, from sharing information on social media, to referring us to other business and individuals, to purchasing our candy for gifts. I know I have gained significant business through my membership with the Milford Miami Township Chamber of Commerce. – Bambi Merz, Owner