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Community Energy Advisors (CEA) is one of the latest companies providing a benefit to MMT Chamber members … and in this case, to non-members as well.

If you use Duke Energy for your gas or electric at your business or in your home, you could save significantly by taking advantage of this benefit. At no charge, CEA will evaluate your current energy costs and let you know if it’s possible for you to save. Nothing on your end would change – you would still pay your bill through Duke and you wouldn’t notice any difference – except in the amount you pay.

This is possible due to energy deregulation that allows you to choose different energy providers. Duke still delivers your energy; but you are technically “purchasing” it from another company.

However, changing energy providers can be confusing and frustrating due to contract terms, fine print, and other hassles. This is where CEA comes in. They manage all that for you – all you have to do is give them permission.

Many people will see a savings by contracting with CEA, even if they are currently part of an aggregate agreement. Since the evaluation is free, there is no risk.

The Chamber’s Executive Director Andrea Brady was able to save over $500/year on her home energy costs through CEA, and the process took about 15 minutes of her time. Not a bad return!

If you’d like to connect with CEA for your free evaluation, contact Andrea Brady at [email protected] or 513-831-2411.