Support & Opportunities

By providing your business with the support and opportunities to reach your goals and streamline your business, we, too, reach our goals. 

Our benefits are divided into four broad categories: cost-savings; networking; marketing & support; and education. Visit our education portal for access to almost 300 high-quality business and personal development courses, open to anyone, provided on demand at a reasonable cost.

We hope you’ll explore our benefits and see just how much the Milford Miami Township Chamber of Commerce has to offer. 

Networking Benefits

Networking is a little-loved key to business success. By getting your name out there and developing relationships, your business will grow organically – and often quite quickly! But networking can feel like a chore, which is why the Milford Miami Township Chamber has worked to make this important business activity fun.

We offer over a dozen opportunities each year (with more in the works) to connect with not only your fellow Milford Miami Township Chamber members, but with members from three other regional chambers as well. We also offer the opportunity to reach fellow Chamber members directly through our member software.

Perhaps most importantly, the Milford Miami Township Chamber provides referrals to those seeking your business services, whether by email or phone, or via our website.

Referrals from Milford Miami Township Chamber board members and staff

Quarterly Connections events to help build deeper relationships with fellow MMTCC Members

Monthly Morning Mixers with three other Chambers for regional networking – 80-100+ attend every month

Online directory listing for easy search by those seeking your services

Member software to connect directly with other Chamber members

Use of the Milford Miami Township Chamber logo on your website and at your business location

Marketing & Support Benefits

How do you tell customers about your business? Through marketing, of course! Effective marketing can be challenging and expensive. Find the most effective way to spend your promotional funds!

The Milford Miami Township Chamber has marketing options to develop, promote, and enhance your business whether you are B2B, B2C, or a combination of both.  From advertising on our website and in our newsletter, to sponsorship opportunities at events that draw tens of thousands of people, to our Partners in Education program, we have ways to stretch your marketing funds while reaching potential customers all over the area.

And if you have a creative idea, or if you’re stuck – talk to us, please! We are always happy to brainstorm to see where the Chamber can help. Because we’re small and flexible, we very well may be able to make that special opportunity happen for you.

Promotion through our social media, reaching 40-50k per month on average and thousands per post

Advertising options on our website and in our newsletter

Free calendar listings for your events

Ability to market directly to other members

New business promotion & ribbon cuttings

Option to participate in Member Promotional Programs

Opportunity to sponsor highly-successful community events

Use of the Milford Miami Township Chamber logo on your website and at your business location

Partners in Education program to reach and develop young people for your future workforce

Ribbon-cuttings/new business or service promotions, with Facebook Live promotion

Shop Clermont Savings Pass

Cost-Saving Benefits

Balancing the sheet by not only growing revenue but by reducing expenses is just smart business.

If you offer your employees health insurance (or want to offer it); pay workers’ compensation fees; use cell phones; buy office supplies and do a lot of printing – you could find that the very reasonable cost of membership in the Milford Miami Township Chamber is easily be offset by the expenses you reduce in our cost savings programs.

Group health insurance plans benefit over 70% of businesses, on average, and many members find they more than pay out their membership just by joining our health insurance program. Sedgwick helps employers reduce workers comp cost – saving hundreds or even thousands. The Milford Miami Township Chamber’s discount with Office Depot provides up to 75% off on copies and 5-20% off on supplies. The SOCA energy program saves you on your business AND home energy – often at rates lower than aggregates. And these are just a few of the extensive cost savings options you receive from membership with us.

Many of our cost-savings benefit are provided through our membership with the
Southern Ohio Chamber Alliance (SOCA), an alliance of small chambers across the state.

ActionCOACH discount


Discount to ProfitCLUB Mastermind, a peer-to-peer coaching program designed for emerging business owners as well as leaders and managers who are ambitious and want to grow.
Advertising opportunity with Town Money Saver


TMS is a highly-anticipated direct mailer that provides offers & advertising to thousands of people on the east side of Cincinnati. Receive either a free 1/6 of a page for your business, or $150 toward a larger ad.

Building Empathy video education program


Receive up to 100 FREE licenses for this program that helps build your company culture of empathy, which can directly affect your bottom line.


BWC insurance discounts


Save hundreds or even thousands on your workers comp insurance through this group rating program


Certificates of Origin
Save time & money with electronic Certificate of Origins verification through the experts, the American World Trade Chamber of Commerce.
COhatch co-working discount
15% off co-working memberships at COhatch, located at 220 Mill St. in downtown Milford.


Credit Card Processing Services
Reduce the cost to provide credit card services to your customers with Elavon.


Cultural Competence Assessments
50% off for up to five assessments with the Intercultural Development Inventory.


Discounts from Other Members

Chamber Members support Chamber Members through special, exclusive offers.

Email Marketing Services
Up to 25% off Constant Contact email marketing and other services – even if you’re a current Constant Contact customer.


Energy Discounts for Businesses & Homes
If you use Duke Energy, you can receive up to 20% off energy usage for your business or home. Community Energy Advisors will provide a free evaluation with recommendations of how to save.


Energy Sustainability
A comprehensive menu of energy-related sustainability solutions for your homes, small business, and large commercial operations. Assistance in running your operations more efficiently and finding affordable ways to reduce your carbon footprint.
Everything Cincy
Receive up to 40% off an account on this one-stop shop for Cincinnati residents looking for the best deals, to-do’s, and job openings. Their website and newsletter reach tens of thousands each week.


Group Health Insurance
See if you qualify to receive exceptional group rates on health, dental, and vision insurance, plus disability & life insurance. Even sole proprietors can now qualify!


HR Support
HR support, from employee manuals to one-on-one consulting, through strategic HR inc.


Identity/Legal Protection
Ensure you are protected in the case of identity theft and other legal issues.
Office Depot Discounts
Save up to 75% on printing and 5-20% on many items in store.


Payroll Discounts

Small businesses receive a discount on payroll processing through Payroll Partners. Discounts vary based on services.

Prescription Savings Card

Our Prescription Savings Card may be used as an alternate option to any prescription program you may currently have. You can try it and see which insurance gives you a better rate.

Printing Discounts
20% discount on your first order from Minuteman Press (new customers only).


Retirement Review & Recommendation
Free retirement review for your business/ employees or your personal retirement plans. Brand-new options allow any size company to take advantage of retirement options previously reserved for only large companies.


Self-Insured Workers Comp
If your group rating is too high, self-insured workers comp may be for you through the Hunter Consulting/Teamworx PEO (Professional Employer Organization).
Sharefax Credit Union membership
Sharefax Logo

Joining fee is waived to become part of Sharefax’s Select Employer Group, an easy way to offer a financial wellness program to your employees, as well as great rates on investments and loans, and a wide variety of other financial programs & services.

Shipping Discounts
Save 25-45% off FedEx shipments, various discounts on freight shipping. Save even if you have an existing FedEx account.
Student debt relief program
Increase retention by providing an employee benefit that helps them pay off their student debt more quickly.
SurveyMonkey Surveys

If you only have need of a couple surveys a year, take advantage of paid SurveyMonkey features without spending the money yourself.

Technology & Website Discounts

Exclusive discounts for all of your technology & website needs.

Education Benefits

Constantly learning helps not only you, but your business, to grow. But it can be hard to find the time and the quality resources you need to develop the skills that will help you and your business advance.

The Milford Miami Township Chamber of Commerce offers a variety of education benefits that meet you where you are. We provide the opportunity for you to learn about what’s happening in our area; to learn from other members; and to choose online, on-demand programs to develop the specific skills you are looking for.

Education portal featuring almost 300 titles on a variety of business topics; available on-demand at reasonable prices

Building Empathy video education program – up to 100 licenses provides for FREE

Topics At Twelve, lunch meetings exploring what is happening in the City and Township

Membership meetings to explore benefits offered by the MMTC

Private Member Facebook group to share information, ask questions, and in general learn from and support each other.