The Staff

Dedicated to helping our area businesses succeed.

Andrea Brady
Executive Director

“We are truly a ‘local Chamber,’ dedicated to helping our businesses and those who support our businesses. Our unique aspects and benefits are valuable to all types of organizations.” 

Britainy McGowan
Membership/Events Director

“I am committed to building strong connections and cultivating a vibrant community with a shared vision for success – I believe if you love a city, a city will love you back!”

Andrea’s love for community – specifically our local Milford-Miami Township area – brought her to the MMT Chamber. As a strategic marketing professional and project manager who has worked with companies such as Procter and Gamble, Ralston Purina, and the Cincinnati Chamber, she is dedicated to helping MMTCC Members grow their businesses. Andrea has also shown her commitment to community by serving as a school board member and co-founding the Clermont Chorale. In addition, she brings her passion for cultural competence to our Chamber, offering her services as an Intercultural Development Inventory Administrator at a discounted rate to Members.  Andrea and husband Ed have resided in Miami Township and the City of Milford since 1993 and have one daughter, Natalie.

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Britainy’s ability to engage with people and her exceptional attention to detail have resulted in breakthrough strategies that unify businesses and community. Her journey began at Brave Berlin, where she led a team producing key engagement opportunities for Lumenocity, the wildly popular projection mapping show for the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. Her talents continued with BLINK, helping to invent and execute a multitude of new programming in sponsorship opportunities and community engagement. Over 1.5 million visitors from around the world attended this event, the largest of its kind in North America. Britainy is a life-long resident of Milford, where she continues to raise her beautiful children, Finley and Easton. 

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