Dr. Lori Schaen is a valuable new addition to our local community. At Optima Dermatology & Medical Aesthetics, she will be concentrating on medical, surgical, and medical laser treatments. Previously having owned her own dermatology practice in Atlanta, she says that she was attracted to Optima Dermatology & Medical Aesthetics because they truly mirror her philosophy of care. She takes pride in their mission of expanding convenient access to expert dermatology care in Ohio.

Dr. Schaen says, “We are the first dermatology practice in Cincinnati to offer the Aerolase® Laser technology, an unparalleled versatile, uniquely gentle laser for both medical and aesthetic conditions, that is safe on ALL skin types.”

When asked about her approach and her philosophy when it comes to treating patients, Dr. Schaen says, “I have always been a strong patient advocate and have never compromised my approach to care in the changing times of medicine.

Here at Optima, our guiding principle is to treat each and every patient as we would want our friends and family to be treated, and we are committed to being your trusted experts in all aspects of skin care.I do not practice cook-book medicine.

I listen to each patient’s concerns and use all the tools available to uniquely work up each patient and come up with an individual treatment plan.”

Optima Dermatology & Medical Aesthetics is already building partnerships within the community. They have an active relationship with us here at the Milford Miami Township Chamber of Commerce and sincerely appreciate all of our networking and marketing support.

They have already sponsored a few local events, including the Clermont Senior Services “Looking toward the Future” event last September, the Milford-Miami Township Chocolate Walk in October, and Breakfast with the Grinch in December (see photo).

It is important to Optima to build positive working relationships with the medical community in Milford-Miami township and surrounding areas. They are striving to create a collaborative approach to all aspects of patient care and a seamless referral process.

When asked what she thinks of the Milford-Miami Township area so far, Dr. Schaen says “I love the mix of incredibly rich history mingled with newer construction. Milford-Miami Township is filled with wonderful businesses and boutiques, a variety of mouthwatering restaurants, and exceptional resources. Our welcome to Milford-Miami Township has been an overwhelmingly positive experience and we are so happy to be part of this community.”

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the world, continuing to drive demand for dermatologists in all regions. Simultaneously, the United States is experiencing an acute and worsening shortage of dermatologists. Among these areas, Ohio has an average wait time of 45 days (about 1 and a half months) to see a dermatologist. This shortage and resultant wait times can lead to higher mortality rates and misdiagnosis by non-dermatologists. 

Optima Dermatology’s mission is to create greater access to expert dermatology care in the regions that require dermatological care most urgently while delivering an unparalleled patient experience.

They opened their office in Milford Miami Township as it was an area of the city that was under-served in dermatology, with an amazing network of businesses, and a large diverse population to serve.  

Optima Dermatology is incredibly honored to be part of the growing Milford-Miami Township network of new and innovative businesses with an emphasis on excellence.

To set up an appointment with Dr. Schaen, you can contact Optima Dermatology at (513) 327-9244 or visit their website in order to request an appointment: https://optimadermatology.com/locations/oh/milford-oh

You can also follow Optima Dermatology on Facebook to learn about the latest trends in skincare, learn about relief for various skin conditions, and hear about their latest cosmetic specials.