Community Energy Advisors Square

The Milford Miami Township Chamber participates in the Chamber Energy Program, which helps those using Duke Energy services reduce their bills in an easy, safe way.

Now, anyone may take advantage of this program for their home or business, whether they are a Chamber member or not.

The program is administered by Community Energy Advisors, a company that has been vetted and approved by the Southern Ohio Chamber Alliance and the MMTCC. Chamber Director Andrea Brady uses the program and is saving over $1,300/year on her home energy cost!

To participate, simply fill out this form and send it to Community Energy Advisors for a FREE eval. They will tell you if they have a program that can save vs. your current program, and if you choose to switch your program, they will manage the contracts. Even if you are currently under contract with another provider, it’s worth a look from CEA!

Because of exclusive contracts they have with energy providers, their rates can often be even lower than other aggregate rates from municipalities or other programs.

This program is 100% no-risk and free – the worst that can happen is they cannot save you anything (which means you’re in great shape!). So – give it a try, and good luck!