Ken and Libby Tracy
Meet our Above & Beyond Award Winners for 2024’s Chamber Awards, Ken and Libby Tracy:
We recently had a chance to talk with Ken to learn more about their journey and the organization they created, Impacting Tomorrow.

 💜 Please tell us a bit about yourselves, as well as your business and its history.

Libby and I grew up in two small towns in NE Ohio and we met in college and have been married for 37 years. I worked in corporate America for close to 20 years. I had written a business plan for a healthcare staffing company that we started in 2006. By 2020, we organically took that company to just over $200 Million. We then merged with another entity that I had the opportunity to lead that organization to over a billion dollars.

As part of our company, we created a foundation which had the purpose of educating and creating opportunity for all our employees to go out and make not only their community better but globally, better. When we left this organization, the foundation came with us. Libby and I wanted to give back in a significant way, so we took what we had developed and created it here in the Milford Miami Township area because we saw the need for what we could offer.

Impacting Tomorrow has allowed us the opportunity to help many people. During the last two years, Impacting Tomorrow has served over 100K people on an annual basis. We are excited by not only this accomplishment, but the number of volunteers and staff who have come along on the journey with us. We care about the lives of people, and we like to see people be successful. We believe that one of the best ways to start successful futures is to be offered the opportunity for food and clothing on a regular basis. Impacting Tomorrow helps to provide children with this opportunity for healthy, successful lives. We work today to impact tomorrow.

Impacting Tomorrow
💜 For those of us who are just learning about Impacting Tomorrow, can you tell us a bit about the services you provide?

The work of Impacting Tomorrow is divided into two parts that affect the path of a person’s life.

Part one is providing food. We have a food market for those who need assistance and it is located in Miilford Shopping Center. Everything begins in our warehouse where the food operations are managed. We receive donations from all across the area including multiple corporate sponsors. The warehouse feeds into our market where people come to shop and learn about nutrition for the whole family. The market is organized by offering food that can be cooked to create healthy meals and not just snacking. Our goal is to provide food that can provide the right nutrition level for the total person.

Part two is our clothing boutique which is located right next door to the food market. This is where the majority of our growth as an organization takes place. We see people from Clermont County, Brown County, Adams County, Warren County and some from Hamilton County and Northern Kentucky. We provide clothing for children, men and women. ( infant to 100 years of age). We also can provide personal hygiene products, diapers, cleaning supplies and the occasional food for our fur babies. We do have a section dedicated to men with work boots, suits, and collared shirts. When someone arrives at our clothing store they are assisted by a customer service person who will help and educate them on proper fit.

💜 How do people find you?

We are located at 997 Lila Ave, Milford, OH. Both the Market and Boutique are open on Monday, Friday and Saturdays, 10am – 12 noon; and Wednesday s from 5 – 7pm.

We did very limited advertising in the beginning because people just found us, and they came. In a two hour period, such as 5-7pm, we can see over 600 people. The average checkout value is about $250-$300 for a family of 4 who may come in once a week.

💜 How can we, as a community, help with Impacting Tomorrow’s mission?

There are 3 ways people can help:

1. Volunteer at our Market or clothing boutique. You can come in, be easily trained, and go on to help many people every time you are there.

2. Donate items such as clothing, socks, shoes, hats, gloves, jewelry, purses (men’s and children’s clothing is always a big need) adult and baby diapers, personal hygiene products, and more. See links below to see more information on items 5, including our Amazon Wishlist!

3. Financial donations are another great way to help. All of your donation goes to purchasing food for our grocery market.

💜 Ken, you have been involved in the community as a MT Trustee for quite a long time; how did you get involved, and what do you find most rewarding about serving?

I have been a Miami Township Trustee for 18 years. I love this community. It’s been a way that we can give back more as we build positive relationships.

💜 How did you come to see the need for Impacting Tomorrow, and how did you get it going? Is there one particular experience where the lightbulb went off, and you said, “Our community needs this?”

I (Ken) was at lunch one day with Mike Mills, Police Chief for Miami Township, when I heard a story about a young man who was homeless in our area and the difficulty he was finding to get basic food and shelter. Talking with Chief Mills, I realized this is not just that one young man’s story, it is the story of many others as well. Libby and I are not people who are going to wait for something to be created. We wrote the business plan for Impacting Tomorrow and that young man’s story was a key part of what we realized needed to be done. We set forth to provide something of HIGH DIGNITY to those who just need a little help – any guest who walks in to either our clothing boutique or food market, are greeted, cared for and treated like family. We help people develop relationships and grow community.

💜Business-wise, you run a highly successful established business as well as a start-up. How do you balance your business obligations with your volunteer/government work?

Libby and I (Ken) have our business, One Vue Capital, which is a venture capital company investing in other businesses. That business has allowed us to continue to give back. I have a tremendous person who supports me and that is my wife, Libby. When someone says when you see a successful man there is a better woman, that better woman is Libby. I could not do what I do if not for her. Libby creates an environment that gives us the opportunity to do all of these things.

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