Miami Township and Milford Fire Departments Have an Immediate Need for Knox Home Boxes for Local Residents

Miami Township and Milford Community Fire Departments are actively engaged in providing Knox Boxes to our residents over many years. Miami Township Fire Department currently has 60 residential knox boxes and Milford FD has 9 boxes in the community. Knox Home Box is a high security key safe that is a trusted and supported by your local fire department.  It provides First Responders access to your home in an emergency. When people inside are unable to open the door or not in the house, the First Responders open the Knox Home Box and then enter the house.

 If any local businesses are interested in donating, they should contact Jim Petry with Miami Township, or Phil Nause with Milford FD. They can direct you on each of their needs and how to order boxes.

  • Jim Petry @ Miami Township FD 513-248-3700
  • Phil Nause @ Milford FD 513-831-7777

We currently have residents on a waiting list who live on fixed incomes and would benefit from having one of these boxes. The cost per box is $187. Once the resident no longer needs the knox box, it is reallocated to another resident.



We are appealing to the local Milford & Miami Township business community for help with purchasing some additional boxes to loan to our senior residents, loved ones, and pets.



Homeowner Advantages
  Helps first responders to enter the home quickly
  Reduces property damage

  Makes re-securing accessed property reliable, easier and fast
Practical Advantages
  Utilizes the highly secure Knox proprietary key system that is already in place for commercial buildings in your municipality.