This historic and unprecedented change in the way we live and interact has caused a sudden and immediate need in Milford Miami Township to protect our local businesses. Now a movement is underway to promote local gift cards for purchase in the Milford Miami Township area to keep cash flow going for our local businesses. Gift card purchased today will keep the lights on for our retailers.

Any business that is a member of either HMA or the MMT Chamber is eligible to participate.

If you are not currently a member of one of these organizations, we hope you’ll join one or both of us!

If you’re tight on cash, no problem – join now, get promoted through Milford-Strong, and when this is over and your business is more stable, you can pay for your membership then.

Click here to join MMTCC  *  Click here to join HMA

Your business does not need to be open currently – you just have to be selling gift cards! If you need help setting up gift card sales, contact us and we will help you get going (it’s fast & easy).

To participate, we need you to do two things asap:

Register to be Strong!


  1. Send your logo (as large and as hi-res as you have)
  2. plus your website link
  3. plus your gift card sales link, to [email protected].

We are planning to launch the website soon, so please fill out your information asap . Knowing how many businesses are interested in participating will help us know how to proceed with the final site. We will be publicizing this new site in a variety of ways, with the goal of driving not only local people, but customers from Greater Cincinnati to our local businesses. If this site is successful, it is something that can potentially remain past COVID-19. When we launch, we will send out the link and ask you to promote through all your standard channels.


Thank you for participating in Milford-Strong.

Together, we will succeed!