Celebrate back-to-school and WIN BIG! 

As a one-woman-show small business owner and full-time educator, Brandy Caramico, along with many, knows how hard this past year has been. With a passion for baking and education, she has been looking forward to offering one of her BIGGEST, SWEETEST GIVEAWAYS ever!
Here are the details:
Every BACK TO SCHOOL item comes with a WINNING lottery SCRATCH OFF. Each scratch-off will reveal a deal…50% off a bakery item, $10 off next order, and more.
PLUS, a few GRAND PRIZE WINNERS could find themselves winning…3 Dozen FREE Cupcakes for a STAFF BRUNCH or even A FREE CLASSROOM SET of Cookie Cards.
BEST OF ALL….Everyone ordering a SCHOOL BUILDING SET of COOKIE CARDS as a welcome back treat for the school staff will be entered into a drawing to win…A FREE DESSERT BAR setup for YOUR BUILDING STAFF for a future 21-22 school year date of their choice.
Their Back to School Menu can be seen here: https://www.eastsidesweets.org/shop/84